Switch Industrial de parede WGS-4215-8HP2S com capaciade de PoE 95W

Planet Switch Industrial de Parede com gestão e 4 Portas RJ45 Gigabit com PoE@95W + 4 Portas RJ45 Gigabit com PoE@30W + 2 Portas SFP 100/1000, layer 2, 20Gbps, -40~75 ºC, PoE máximo 360W com extended mode, Cloud Viewer app, funções de cybersecurity, alimentação 48~56Vdc, 245x140x36mm.

802.3bt PoE++ – 90~95-watt Power over 4-pair UTP Solution

As the WGS-4215-8HP2S adopts the IEEE 802.bt PoE++ standard and PoH technology, it is capable to source up to 95 watts of power by using all the four pairs of standard Cat5e/6 Ethernet cabling to deliver power and full-speed data to each remote PoE compliant powered device (PD)

Security Industry Automation Switch

Suitable for Industrial factory where security is strictly to be enforced, the WGS-4215-8HP2S offers a comprehensive Layer 2 to Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL). The switch can restrict network access by denying packets based on source and destination IP address, TCP/UDP ports or defined typical network applications. With the WGS-4215-8HP2S, a tightly-controlled network can be easily had in no time.

Flexible PoE Applications over Different Industrial Networks

Providing up to 4 PoE++ and 4 PoE+, in-line power interfaces, the WGS-4215-8HP2S can centrally manage power supplying to an industrial network system where IP phones, IP cameras, wireless APs and more are built. For instance, 8 PoE IP cameras or wireless access points can be easily installed around the corner in the industrial environment for surveillance demands or for a wireless roaming network. Without the power-socket limitation, the WGS-4215-8HP2S makes the installation of IP cameras and wireless APs easier and more efficient.